Where do you live?  I am based in Rockhampton, Queensland.

How far will you travel?  I service within 60km of Rockhampton, including Yeppoon, Gracemere, Emu Park & anywhere in between free of additional charge.

Do you work weekends?  Yes. Holidays?  Yes. Public Holidays?  Yes. Nights?  Yes. Whenever, wherever.

Do you have a payment plan option?  Definitely! We can sort out a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan to suit you & your wallet.

I've found a cheaper photographer. Will you price match?  No. I have worked out my costs to be fair for both you & me. As a thank you to my clients, I do give return customer VIP offers.

Do you edit all of our photos?  I choose the best of the bunch, I usually have them in my head as I have taken them, & I retouch & perfect them in post production. What you get is the final edit of a lot of work.

Do I get to see all my images?  Short answer, no. Please be assured that I will give you all the best images that I have taken, you won't be missing out on anything.

Will my images have a watermark all over them?  Your sneak peek that I upload to my social media (only if you have agreed) will have my logo watermarked on it. The images in your gallery WILL NOT have watermarks on them. Because of this, I would appreciate a tag of my page when you upload to your social media. Thank you.

How many images will I get?  For birth, I can guarantee 100 images. I usually give many more. For maternity &/or newborn, each portrait session will give you 30 retouched images.

Do you provide props/themes?  For newborns, I come to you so we can use anything you have at home for bub. I can organise themes on request but an additional fee may be involved. For maternity, I prefer to have a natural, lifestyle approach to photos so I don't provide props as such but please don't hesitate to bring something along that might be special to you that you would like in your images.

Do you provide hair and makeup?  I don't but I can suggest some amazing people for you. Just ask.

OK, I'm ready to book with you. What do I do?  Email me at hello@odetolife.com.au

How do I prepare for the photo session?  Feel free to browse my photos & get some inspiration for your session. Message me if you have an idea that you would like to try, I'm always up for something new. On the day of your photo session, relax. Go & get your hair and makeup done, meditate & chill. I've done all this before so I know what I'm doing & I'll make sure we have fun.

What should I wear?  For family photos, I think it looks best when you all choose a colour scheme. So all in similar shades of blues or greens, for example. Go with colours that compliment each other; eg. greys & yellows, mustards & blues.
Most importantly, be yourself.
You want to look back on these photos & see you enjoying yourself, not tugging on your uncomfortable clothes. 

If we're running late will you stay longer than scheduled?  I can give you a half an hour buffer zone, if you arrive after that, you will be invoiced for an extra hour of my time.

How long will it take to get my images?  It can take between five to seven weeks to get your retouched, final art to you. It'll be worth the wait. I'll keep you posted with how they are going & when you should expect them.

Do you offer prints, canvases or photobooks?  I can design a professional photobook showcasing your favourite images (additional cost) & I can point you in the right direction for locally owned professional prints and canvases.

How do I get in contact with you again?  Email me at hello@odetolife.com.au