-How do I get my inclusion to you?
-Do you send inclusions back if not used?
-How do you actually make the breastmilk jewellery?
-Do you make custom orders?
-How long does it take?

-What colours can I get?

- What are the care instructions for my keepsake?
-I want my own business and to be part of the magnificent sisterhood of DNA and breastmilk keepsake artisans. How can I do that?

How do I get my inclusion to you?

I understand the trepidation of sending away precious pieces of your soul but please know that the highest respect and care will go to looking after your package.
I kindly ask that you send your inclusions to me as soon as you can & as instructed below.

BREASTMILK - Please package 5-20mls of THAWED Breastmilk in breastmilk storage bags or ziplock bags. Please then double or triple bag and feel free to add some masking tape over the opening as well for added protection. Please ensure YOUR NAME & ORDER NUMBER is written clearly on the front.
Breastmilk can be fresh or frozen but needs to be at room temperature when sent. Please do not send wet, defrosting milk. Thaw before sending.

Additionally all other inclusions can be packaged in the same manner as above. 
LOVED ONES ASHES - 2 teaspoons.
HAIR -  Depending on the length and colour but generally about a quarter to a half width of your pinky finger.
Only a very small amount is needed and it needs to be dried.
One placenta pill will be plenty to make at least three pieces of jewellery.

This neat little triple bagged, sticky taped, tight wrapped package can be posted in a small padded envelope which can be purchased from your local Post Office. I highly recommend that you purchase tracking on your parcel for your own piece of mind.

Postal Address –

Ode To Life
    c/- Naomi Hoare
11 Marcellin Court 
Norman Gardens QLD 

I will personally contact you (via your chosen method) once your inclusion package is collected. 

I will also send updates along the way and hold you in my heart as I create your keepsake. I will craft your keepsake with complete love.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your precious inclusions. I will treat them with all the love and respect they and your deserve.

Do you send inclusions back if not used?
I can not send any leftover inclusions back so please ensure that you do not send more than I need. You will find amounts needed in the question above.
I do however send your preserved breastmilk back to you. If you choose to purchase from me in the future, please send it back with your VIP card. 

How do you actually make the breastmilk jewellery?
I proudly craft using Baby Bee Hummingbirds' preservation techniques and Milky Mama Magic Dust to ensure long lasting results for your precious keepsake.
The Milky Mama Magic Dust contains 5 key ingredients that work together to stabilize, preserve and organically change breastmilk OR a milk substitute from liquid to powder form. Every component of Milky Mama Magic Dust is carefully measured, and organic in nature and composition.
I show a lot of behind the scenes on my Instagram.

Come and join the fun.

Do you make custom orders?
All of my pieces are custom orders. They are made specifically and specially for you. After you have ordered your piece, I will send an email directing you to a form that I'd like you to fill out so that I can find out more about your vision and give you what your heart desires.

How long does it take?
Turnaround time for your keepsake could be anywhere from 6-8 weeks from when I receive your inclusion. I know this may seem like a long wait but it's worth it. I preserve and craft only one order at a time to ensure all of my loving energy is with your keepsake. I will keep you updated on where I am with your order.

What colours can I get?
Breastmilk changes every day with every feed and
Ashes are as individual as the soul to which they belong. Because of this,
Ode To Life likes to keep the purity and natural beauty so I recommend no colours be added.
If you wish I can add the smallest amount of pearl shimmer or iridescent fine glitter to your Ode To Life Keepsake.

What are the care instructions for my keepsake?

I want my own business and to be part of the magnificent sisterhood of DNA and breastmilk keepsake artisans. How can I do that?
You will be surrounded by creative, positive, like minded people who lift you and only want to see you succeed.